New Helium Network Integration

We are excited to announce the latest addition of Helium Network for LoRa Devices support. It’s easy and simple integration to get your device connected to Helium.

Check out what Helium is doing with LoRaWAN coverage in the US:


Unfortunately the link to is broken. Does anyone know, where I can access the documentation?

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Here you go:

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Hi Adrian,

thanks a lot, I did this, and Helium console stated to have successfully passed the data to the integration, however no data is received in the device created in Cayenne.

Endpoint in Helium for Cayenne:

Dev EUIs for the devices are matching

Flow in Helium is working.

Any idea, how to debug this?



Sensor stated to be connected to The Things Network, and not to Helium. Could that be the rrot cause. But I can’t change it…


Remove it, and re-add it by first selecting Helium Network and then search for the Dragino LGT sensor.

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That was too easy, didn’t realize, that they are grouped by network. Works like hell, thanks a lot!