Manual publish with MQTTfx gives me error


i try to do the most simple thing: Publish temperature from MQTTfx to Cayenne. And i followed this documentation step by step:

But when i click on publich. It says “Broker connection lost: Resetting client”

Always did copy and paste. Not sure what else i can do.

P.S.: I am just learning about Cayenne. My main goal is to connect ESPeasy to Cayenne later on. But for now i can’t even do the first baby step :frowning:

My Cayenne dashboard:



are you connecting two devices with same client id?

Thanks. I guess that was it. When i set up a new Client it works. Spend half day trying. I should have asked earlier. Or read more i guess :slight_smile:

I used the same clientID trying to connect from ESPeasy (but no success). So i tried the same ID with MQTTfx.
The error message did’t really help me in that case.