Maps, camera, gps stream. When will the complete cayenne agent be ready?

Hi team,
I’m about to execute my first iot contract in my country and i’m wondering when the complete cayenne app will be ready? Cayenne has got what i need so i’ve decided that i would deploy with it. But there seems to be a lot of bugs and issues with the service (like non functional shutdown and reboot buttons), actuators only working from web dashboard, web dash board not syncing with android, and as so on. That i even left cayenne for a while and experimented with others like blynk.
I need to know when the maps widget will be ready, along with the camera widget for the raspberry pi.

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Great to hear this and i am glad that you are using cayenne platform.

we have a couple of updates for the app which will be launched in upcoming days which should solve most of your problems.

all this bugs shall be fixed in upcoming release of app and fixes for dashboard.

it is on roadmap, but will take time to release. we have a couple of cool releases and fixes before that. so stay on for it.

you can try something like this till we have an offical release for camera. Take picture when motion with Pi 3 and Agent 2.0 CayenneMQTTClient() and notify by email - how to trigger a script on Pi 3

Great. I’ll wait for that road map to be completed. I’ve been waiting for 2 years now though.

it got delay because we had update to new MQTT version. once we we fix all this we will have the release soon.