Migrating Cayenne projects to Zafron

Migrating Cayenne projects to Zafron is easy. Zafron is a drop-in replacement for Cayenne. The only thing you need to do is change the MQTT server hostname and the MQTT credentials.

The following is a list of supported hardware.

  • Arduino
    • Most Arduinos’ boards are supported by Zafron.
    • Make sure to upgrade to the latest Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino library version (1.3.1)
  • ESP8266 family
    • NodeMCU
    • Wemos D1
  • ESP32 family
    • ESP32
    • ESP32-CAM
  • Raspberry Pi (minimal support)
  • LoRaWAN (coming soon)

Checkout this link for more step by step instructions.

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This is working I recently tried for one of my friends, I successfully did it, although I faced many challenges. Thanks for sharing this.