Monitoring a boat with Cayenne

I want to build a solar powered boat that can motor, unmanned and self controlled, from Australia to New Zealand.
I built a prototype to test out boat construction, navigation, steering and communication and monitoring.

Cayenne allowed me to monitor the vitals of the boat, as well as being able to take control if necessary

The boat uses arduino cpus and programs for the various functions, as well as GPS and eCompass modules

Data from these computers is sent by radio to a shore station, where it is uploaded to Cayenne for display

I can also send data back to the boat to control the motors and thus the steering

Further information can be found at


nice project @mchampio and thanks for sharing it with the community. this is perfect use case of cayenne in wild. would love to see more of this.
i have a question though: you are using RFM69 to communicate with the boat which range is approx. 500 meters. do you have anything else planned for large distance?

Hi Shamrik,
500 metres is fine for the prototype. The boat to NZ will use satellite comms, eg a Rockblock 2 or an Oynx-WB,
which both use the Iridium satellite network for worldwide coverage


sounds good. it would be nice if you can share a video of the prototype using cayenne.

@mchampio Very nice project. Would love to see a video of this implementation.

By the way your project has been featured.