More One wire Temp Sensor issues

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My one-wire dallas sensors stop working.
All temps goto 32 degree’s F.
A reboot does not fix.
I have to remove power from the RPI.

this happened a few weeks ago, I replaced the powersupply with a 2a powersupply from a quad core android set-top box
It happened two weeks ago again.

Lately it has happened:
Friday morning at 9:18 am
This morning at 12:26 am.
and again this morning at 10:46.

I set a trigger to warn me when the temp goes to 32 and shut down the RPI.
It runs my hot tub and when it thinks the temp is 32 it runs the heater continuously.
Two weeks ago i cam home to a 147 degree hot tub. YIKES!

I’m trying to figure out if this is a cayenne issue, raspbian issue, or hardware issue.

Has anyone experienced this with one-wire dallas sensors before?
I’m running 3.
I will take the 2.5 amp power supply from my RPI 3 but i don’t think that is the issue.

I think a good test to see if Cayenne is related would be to wait until the temp sensors get in a state where they are all showing 32 again, and then read them outside of Cayenne.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to read DS18B20 temp sensors from the command line. I’d suggest setting this up and testing it for each sensor while things are behaving, as the setup may require a reboot where you’d then lose the state you want to test. This way it will be as simple as running a single command line command when the time comes to test the real thing.

If Cayenne is showing 32s and that command line output is showing what looks like real temperatures, then it sounds like an issue on our end. If the command line output is also showing 32s, then Cayenne is just dutifully reading in what the device tells it, and some sort of a Raspbian/hardware issue is likely in play here.

I’ve decided to purchase a mechanical high-limit switch so i can test this.
For now i need to shut it down as i cant have the heater running all day while at work and rebooting remotely doesn’t rectify the issue.