Trying to get data from 10 temperature proves using Raspberry pi 3

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Hey @iyanuo312, welcome to the Cayenne Community!

What sort of problem are you having getting data from your temperature probes? And what type(s) of temp sensor are you using?

Thanks so much for getting back to me. This is for my son’s science fair project. We set everything up (he and his dad)-- 10 temperature probes getting data on 10 different thermal masses. I have a screen that shows all 10 probes are working, but I cannot collect any data, so I’m sitting here taking a snapshot of the screen every 15 minutes. A brilliant workaround, but not a great situation. If this would collect data I could get on with my life. SOn is at school, husband is gone for the day. I appreciate your help. Truly.

Error message says “No Data Available For This Period”-- for all periods. But I see temperature data for all 10 probes on his Overview.

That’s awesome to hear that he’s using Cayenne for this project! At your own leisure we’d love to see some pictures of the project as well just to see what people are doing with the platform.

Do you know if the probes are connected via our MQTT API? If so, then it’s expected that they wouldn’t have data history as we’ve rolled this feature out for Raspberry Pi and Arduino, but still need to implement it for MQTT and LoRa.

If you’re not sure, take a screenshot of the project for me (any of the ones you’ve already taken should do), and I can probably tell visually.

I don’t think they’re using that API, but I’m not sure. THe probe says DS18b20 waterproof temperature sensors sold by MMdex (chinese manufacturer, if that’s helpful). I can send you a photo of his dashboard, but I’d have to do it from my phone. Not sure how to do that from my son’s laptop. Glad to send you photos of his project when this is sorted out. I’m not a scientist but I am a little computer savvy. Is there a way i can find out which API he used on his laptop? I don’t think he used the MQTT API since this was working on a previous proof of this project with 3 probes. (Put them in water to test something and that was the end so we’re starting over). But we collected data and graphs on the previous one-- I don’t think we would have used a different API. How can I send you photos of the dashboard from my phone, since I’m not sure I can do so from my son’s laptop?

More details from hubby at work. Using 1-wire DS18B20 probes, did not use any APIs.

Ok sounds good, then there should be some data history, I’m not sure why it’s not displaying. Do you mind privately sharing the account credentials so I can take a peek? You can contact me privately by clicking on my username on this post, then the blue ‘Message’ button. I won’t change anything when I’m in there, just want to look at the state of things.

Moving this thread to Resolved since we worked through this in emails. A Cayenne Agent re-install corrected the issue.