Dashboard crash?


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    Hello, running a hot tub with Cayenne.
    periodically the dashboard in both android and web displays all dallas one-wire temp sensors at 32 degree’s F.
    also, none of my devices show as active however the rpi’s memory, temp ect are showing and i can reboot the device remotely.
    Rebooting though does not fix the issue.
    I have to shut it down remotely, remove power to the rpi then power it back up and all is good.

Here is the weird thing, nothing is actually crashing because my hot tub maintains temperature.
i just lose the ability to manually control on the dashboard.


Part of me wonders if this could be related to the memory leak we’re aware of with the Pi Agent. The next time this happens, I’d be interested in a screenshot of the frozen dashboard, so we can see memory consumption and the state of those temp widgets.

I’d expect a reboot would work as well as a shutdown > power off > power on if that was the case though. If you perform the reboot from the Pi command line (taking Cayenne out of the equation), by typing sudo reboot, does that fair any better?


i actually have a trigger telling my rpi to reboot when mem hits 80% because once it climbs up to about 90%+ triggers stop working properly.
ssh into rpi and doing sudo reboot does not work.
I have to power down and remove power from the rpi in order to get everything back.

since a reboot or shut down on an rpi doesn’t break the power connection that does make sense to me.
next time it happens will take a screen shot.


my off trigger for temp at 99 degree’s failed twice.
hot tub climbed to almost 120 degree’s before it triggered off.
temp was verified with my temp probe.

Also my trigger watching a second temp sensor failed to shut the the heater off at 106.