MQ5 Notifications

I have an MQ5 gas sensor connected to a Pi Zero via a Grove Base Hat. I am trying to add the MQ5 as a device and have it give me a ppm reading. I would then like to receive a notification if a certain ppm is exceeded. Is this possible?


you can add the MQ5 sensor to cayenne using the Cayenne MQTT python library

Thank you! I’m not good with coding, but will try to figure this out.

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it is not that hard, you only need to combine the MQ5 sensor code and Cayenne MQTT code.

Maybe not that hard for someone with experience coding, but thanks.

follow this tutorial and see if are able to read data from the sensor.

I’ve got that part all set up, and the sensor is giving me a reading when a I run the code on my Pi. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to get Cayenne to recognize the sensor and reading and send me a text when a certain ppm is reached.

-Thanks again