MQTT connect failed, error: -1


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  • Device & model you are using: Pi 2 Model B

  • What dashboard are you using: Web

Dear Support,

I am using the sample MQTT library what i have downloaded from github. I have not changed the code but today i cannot connect to my MQTT Cayenne. It throws the following error:

Connecting to MQTT connect failed, error: -1 Connection failed, exiting

If i try to start cayenneclient approximately 10 times, then the connection is success. May i have a problem on my side?




I have the same issue here with an Arduino Mega and ESP8266-01…

But if I can not connect at first it never connects…


There is currently a problem that is being worked on.



Is there any progress on this matter?
I have problems connecting.
Board keeps trying and after a while it may connect but then drop off line again after a few minutes.
When connected there is very slow response.
Trying to activate a LED may take 2-3 minutes


It was working yesterday, but today failed again I guess…