Mqtt error 5

my esp32 is broken.
I had to replace it.
But now THE NEWESP32 doest connect to the dashboard.
Error 5 appears - what to do?

the possibility is some network firewall is blocking traffic to or port 1883.

Yes this is a possible idea - but bevor the ESP32 was broken, a good and stable connection to cayenne dashboard was there!

well, then this esp32 might be also broken. can you test a basic MQTT code and see if the esp32 connects.

Do you think that an ESP32 registered with Cayenne can easily be exchanged for another?
I am not sure whether Cayenne generates special hardware coding for the CLIENT-ID
when logging on.
Do you know anything about?

you mean, you want ot transfer esp32 from one account to another?

No, the problem is because of the original ESP32 is damaged.
The new one should use the exisiting account, and the exisiting Cayenne Device with all off my Custom Widgets - but this will be blocked from dashboard with these special ERROR 5.

you can just use the old client id in the new esp32 with the same code and the old dashboard will work it. The error 5 is related tp something else. can you try creating a new device on the cayenne dashboard and see if it works.

o.k. :grinning:
I’ll try and report later again

Yes you are right! The old client id in the new esp32 with the same code works! :grinning:
My mistake was a initializing problem with the timer and interrupthandling using an NVS-RAM value wich wasn’t set correctly!!! I’am so sorry - thanks for your help