MQTT triggers on RasPi


Hi all - I have a DHT11, and digital input sensor defined. The digital input sensor does not come up as option when trying to add a trigger - only analog is an option. Also none of my Temp or humidity triggers work. Am I missing something? Please help


Are you still having problems with this? There were some issues with triggers while the new system was implemented but I think everything should be calmed down now.


Would you mind sharing you account with me @shovelheadman ? You can PM me your login and password and change your password here if you need.



Adam’s statement makes me think the triggers are working??? I can’'t make any triggers or schedules work yet. Maybe I misunderstood.


I think they were actually still having some issues at the time I posted that, but it should be up and working now.


Yes, triggers & Email notifications were working for a couple days now!


@bestes PMd my details as requested


I just noticed on the Android app that there are no options under the “if” statement when setting up a trigger.

The “then” statement allows you to select send an email or text message…but there seems to be no way to define what the trigger should be.


We still need to enable triggers to be created from mobile, we will do this soon. :slight_smile:



I must admit that part of my confusion regarding creating triggers with MQTT was based on the fact that I hardly ever use the web interface - I tend to use the iOS app exclusively. Perhaps this post will assist others in this realization.