Help, Digital sensors don’t work with triggers notyfications mail/sms

Hi, I’m fresh I use raspberry pi 3; p Please help me create a message trigger for the digital sensor when it creates the channel is null and nothing happens. I am adding a sensor as a digital communication GPIO channel (22 for a water sensor) I tried both widgets line graph, and state in the graphics panel is ok but in the trigger does not work
The panel shows that there is a sensor detection and reaction but the trigger itself does not work. please advise me what I am doing wrong, or how to connect these sensors to inform me about the detection of others. please help me how to create triggers and maybe something in the system I need to change

Hi @sawokreft,

The Triggers not always working is a known issue & we are working hard to get these issues resolved.
Please hang on. We will get this resolved as soon as possible.


Thx. for information, and I am waiting for the good news ;]

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