Multi-Use Inline Power Outlet

About This Project

Using an inline power outlet (Goes between the wall socket and the plug) to control any household appliance that is wall powered from the Cayenne dashboard/app.

Can use the Cayenne scheduling feature to act as a time switch, or use the capacitive touch sensor to turn on or off the outlet.

Currently have it connected to my portable heater in the corner of the room.

What’s Connected

20A Relay (Com-10924), GFCI Outlet, Arduino Uno, TTP223B capacitive touch sensor, W5100 shield.

Triggers & Alerts

When the capacitive touch sensor is touched, the virtual latching pin is changed between on or off, which triggers the output relay.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

Unfortunately my phone is in for repair right now but I will add pictures when available.

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yes you can use timer to turn on any pin of Arduino as digital output which will turn on relay and set timer time according to your schedule