Multiple dht11

I used this page
to get my dht11 to post up on the website ( super slow ) and the phone and it seems to be working but is there a way or some code I can add to make it read a 2nd one without having to crontab another python script and doubling everything up?

Welcome to the cayenne community @pihydro.0001. I can not open the link you posted so are you using python agent 2.0 or cayenne python MQTT library for pi?

Just send the data to another channel. I have a project here that shows how. DHT11/DHT22 with Raspberry Pi

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using the cayenne mqtt I will check out adams post later tonight, I figured I could do multiple channels just didnt know how to exactly and couldnt find anything solid on it. hoping to find a copy paste solution and not try different codes for 3 hours to get it setup.

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you can start with this