Nanopi Neo, is it possible


Nanopi Neo can run Jessie OS,
does it mean it can fake as Raspberry Pi in Cayenne? I love raspberry but buying Pi zero is very difficult, I only buy 1 per times, and international shipping to VN is terrible, so long, so expensive. That’s why I change to Nanopi Neo, I need tiny one for my projects. Any suggestion running Cayenne with Nanopi Neo


It’s worth a try, but looking at the picture I’d say it’s different enough that it won’t work. If you do try, let us know how you make out!


It won’t be compatible. The hardware drivers to control the DIO will be completely different. When MyDevices adds virtual pin support to the Raspberry Pi, you might be able to kludge in support, but this might take some script options to keep Cayenne from installing any hardware specific drivers.




thanks you, I hope cayenne will have something like manual configuration for another developer’s platform