Running Cayenne on devices other than Raspberry pi


Just wondering if Cayenne could work on a different device like a Odroid C2 running Ubuntu 16.04? I might try it tonight.

Also, if not I was wondering what the software looks for to distinguish it as being a Pi or not besides the installed software on the Linux device. Just curious.


Doubtful it will work. But, if you can hack it and get it working, let us know!

So Cayenne looks for the Raspbian OS. I can tell you that we will only need to make some relatively small changes software wise to work on other boards like Beagle Bone.

Although really, an OS isn’t required for Cayenne. Case and point; Arduino. Which is coming soon!



And by the way, Cayenne will eventually not be associated with just the Raspberry Pi. For our launch, we’ve just focused on the Raspberry Pi.



…And an excellent choice to start off with! (Pi).
Been doing Pi projects from when it was first released and when Odroid came out with the C2 board I started to play around with that. One thing that the C2 lacks is the software development. Obviously Raspberry Pi has a huge following that helps us all along where as the Odroid doesn’t so development is much slower.