NCD current sensor RP 3 board read out


Has anyone some expierience with setting up the Cayenne Dashboard for reading out a NCD current sensor board.

Can this be done directly.

What code do we need to use to read out the info over the I2C interface.



can you share the link to this device.



I would like to provide my answer via the community, but I can’t login and if I check my tread, I don’t have the reply button anymore

Can my account be checked please


Yves Deschoenmaekers


you need to login first in and once in the dashboard click on community on top right corner. then again login in the community and you are good to go.


Not working, don’t have the options to reply to my treads


Yves Deschoenmaekers


This was working before, but since a day or 2 it don’t anymore


Yves Deschoenmaekers


can you see that you are login?


Each time I try to login in I get this


Yves Deschoenmaekers


did you follow this steps?


Now it is working again, Thanks for the support,

no back ontopic

you requested me to put the link to the board used


connect it to arduino ,give this code a try and try to get value from the sensor.