Help with current sensors


Hello to all.

Im new into this topic and would like your advice regarding ideas on how to implement.

I currently have a Raspberry pi 3 B+ and have already installed Cayenne on it. Its running OK.
I have purchased from NCD a current monitor with 3 split cores and would like to add it to the cayenne server.

I also got the i2c to iot adapter for the sensor and the iot adapter for the raspberry

I have the following questions then:
*When trying to add new widgets, under sensors, i dont see anything related with current. this is where i get lost. How can i add this typer of sensors?
*is it possible from cayenne to send the AC current data to a mysql database?
*if i have several raspberrys added to my cayenne website, is it possible to share specific dashboards through private link?

thanks so much in advance



Those boards are not supported by Cayenne Directly.
it use a specific manufacturer protocol (look at page 6 of data sheet). The hardware is compatible but not software, with cayenne.
In all cases, you have to creat you own code in python on your RPI. Or use ESP8266 or similar coded with Arduino IDE.


try to contact them directly


did you succeed to have Cayenne reqd out the current values from the ncd board, I´ve also bouth the module and want to have the info in my dashboard