Needing help writing code for Arduino Mega 2560

I am using a Arduino Mega based PLC unit from The specs on the unit can be seen here Open Source PLC! - 15 Day Free Trial! - Ships Overnight My goal is to monitor voltage and status of my solar power project in the Philippines. I already installed an Rpi 3 to take care of processes involving the power inverter, that was the easy part.

I am a coding dummy and have gotten as far as making 4 buttons operate a relay shield and that was kinda by sheer luck, i must say that connecting the w5100 ethernet shield proved quite easy tho. I copied a sample code from @tad.dvor and it looks similar to what I need.

list of needs:

  1. monitor voltage 0-60v on A0-A8
  2. monitor state high or low as in alarm, on or off (ie, inverter is in alarm, inverter is on/off, charge controllers on/off) on
  3. Operate the 6 built in relays to perform function via button widgets and triggers and scheduling.
  4. show these status and voltages on the built in touch color lcd for local and provide pages for status and volts with a button to toggle between screens and relay control local using the touch.

I know this is asking a lot but maybe someone else could use the code as well and might be interested in using this PLC in an industrial setting given it’s robust nature. I’m nearing that point where i might just pay for help if it’s in my budget.

Thanks all for your consideration!

My solar command center!


I will help you as I have an off grid acreage that I want to solarize.

First, let me order a device or two :slight_smile:




@Bill check out my playground I built in the Philippines on vacation last month. Also, what happens to a PV panel when disconnected under load?