"Smart Home" work in progress

About This Project

Needed to control my home devices…

What’s Connected

Nodemcu controls heat pump with IR, Raspberry Pi 3 controls relays and shows relay status on TFT, Arduino UNO+ Mega+ TFT+ W5100+ Data Logger+ Bunch of sensors

Triggers & Alerts

Heatpump, Outside lights,


Heatpump, Outside lights,

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project



Very cool, my favorite part is the TFT display. Why have error/status codes in blinky lights in 2017, when even a cheap display can pack so much more human-readable info :slight_smile:

Very kewl!
I’d like to see a 2" x 4" Touchscreen display mounted on a wall switch plate, perhaps with a RasPi3 behind it. That would be very nice!

…and that enclosure- with the DIN mounts. VERY nice! What brand/model is it?

In the future i plan to install on wall tablet PC to display the data and manage devices…
Before I need all things to work properly.


Single LED is still cheaper :slight_smile:

No question. :slight_smile:

I’m just a crusader against obtuse error messaging. I’m surprised I haven’t smashed my Arduino Yun with a hammer yet, I am so sick of holding down combinations of tiny buttons and staring at LED blink patterns to diagnose issues with it. :smiley:

I get why the Arduinos are designed like that though, tiny cheap microcontrollers and all. But for example my car (a Toyota Prius) has a built in, fairly high resolution, touchscreen in the dashboard. So it irritates me to no end that they think it is good product design to still have a generic ‘Check Engine’ light and then you need some 3rd party tool to pull a diagnostic code out of the system when you have a perfectly serviceable screen right there!

/end rant

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My job is car diagnostic, so i know what do you mean :wink:
Buy Tesla… then diagnostic is possible remotely :smiley:

3rd party tool is still better than older Volvo onboard diagnostics :slight_smile: https://www.volvoclub.org.uk/faq/ImagesProcedures/DiagnosticUnit.gif

But i share your opinion…

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