Neo Pixels


I am fairly new to integrating libraries and stuff like that. I am asking what it be worth my trouble to incorporate native control or use raspberry pi GPIO triggers to play preprogrammed scenes via an Arduino? Just throwing it out there.




Good question, but not clear :slightly_smiling:
I understand the part of providing support to NeoPixels, but what’s the Arduino for ?


I have a a lot of projects that already exist using Arduino to drive neo pixels. The Arduino support is necessary for new projects.


So you want to connect neopixel to raspberry via arduino ?
eg. raspberry <–serial—> arduino ----> neopixel ?


I am currently traveling and have not had any time to play with this idea. But yes that is the general idea. I have seen a couple of threads about using the Arduino as a simple I/O extender. I am very interested to see the implementation of that. Anyways, I should get a chance this weekend to pull out my hardware and spend some time on this.