Arduino integration

hello, I am very interested in this project, is there any way that I can integrate the gpio ports of my arduino uno via usb serial, so i can use it as an analogue converter.

Hi Josh,
You cannot add an Arduino as Raspberry Pi extension right now.
We have some thought about that, but no roadmap yet.

how about a button to send a console command to be run or to display the returned value?

Then it’s about generic Serial support, it’s in mind as well :slight_smile:

thanks for the info, until then I will look into an analogue converter,
thanks again!

I will just add my support for something like ‘generic serial’ bringing ttyAMA0 (in my case) but also auto recognize USB serial into a txt ‘terminal’ sort of window as it is very handy. Some example projects on hand here at the moment::

  • LoRa serial configured and driven data links (>10km proven)
  • Small simple local radio link to uPower sensors
  • Talk to a range of devices like GSP, ESP-8266 &c.
  • Talk, txt, tweet, pass basic messages and data ‘keyboard-screen’
  • Recommend WebIOPi serial type tab for starters
  • Select baud rate and com port type features in settings = Great !

Generally this level is very handy for interfacing small simple messages or custom type short message twits from such as Arduino / Picaxe etc.

My own pet project uses 4 wires and a single picaxe 08M2 chip that has a ‘Basic’ dos type menu running. You can ask it questions from webiopi serial terminal on line and picaxe picks up on keywords as it has surprisingly advanced serin delimiter power… all in one line of code. Main reason is simplicity, super robust and low cost. It has brilliant practical serial functionality: speed, wide voltage flexibility and polarity. So you end up with this:

Bigger chips do better background serial…
~ Andrew

Hi Josh,

I have a few analog converter’s…need one?


Already on their way, but thanks.