Network connect failed

Hi everyone,

I use a NodeMCU controller ( ESP8266) on a local network behind a proxy to publish data to but i get this error:
[2558] Connected to WiFi
[2558] IP:
[2558] Connecting to
[7571] Network connect failed
[13573] Network connect failed

However when I use my mobile phone with access point to 4G network , my Nodemcu can connect to without problem.

Does someone have an idea where the problem come from ? I tried to configure port forwarding on my dlink router


Hi Stephane,

Probably the Proxy and Firewall that avoid the use of MQTT.
Except asking your IT dept. to open UDP port 1883 up to our server, or switch to a network without firewall, I don’t see any other solution to use MQTT at the moment.

With some trick you could publish data other HTTP instead of MQTT, but this is not documented nor officially supported. I can still provide you the REST endpoint if you are interested in it.



Thank you for your answer,
You’re right the firewall block the use of MQTT.
I have to publish data over HTTP, can you provide me the REST endpoint ?