MQTT connect failed, error 5


I have download arduino code for my ESP8266. Code loads fine but getting error connecting to MQTT server.

I have tried several times making sure mqtt passcode and ID are fine along with several device IDs.

I have also tried connecting with MQTT.fx and also get a Not authorized to connect.

Do my userid and password need to be re-issued or activated?

Looking for ideas, Thanks!


can you post the code you are using.


Code is good, I just created a new user ID and got new MQTT credentials and it works fine.

Problem is that the other projects I have are on the original ID.

Is there a way to issue new MQTT credentials, mine seems to be locked out?


new Credentials for same id is not possible. but on your dashboard you can get your MQTT credentials by clicking on gear icon on right side > configure.


@rlust you can also add a new device if you need another set of mqtt credentials.