New ESP-1? Anyone seen these yet?

Its called the ESP-1. its the next gen of the 8266, the 8285 it says. Wondering if anyone has worked with it yet.

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It is some kind of mod version of the ESP8266 :slight_smile: Maybe smaller with better specifications :slight_smile:

it says it is compatible with the ESP8266-01. I did verify its the same pinout. It claims to do everything besides cook you dinner. lol I bought one so we will see how it goes once it gets here in a couple weeks.

First project when it arrives: make this chip cook you dinner. :smiley:


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Hello @greatassignment1, can you be more specific :slight_smile:

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it says it is good with the ESP8266-01. I verified its the same pinout. It cases to do everything other than cook you supper. lol I got one so we will perceive how it goes once it arrives in two or three weeks. Buy Dissertation

it’s seems to be different chip :
The WiFi module ESP-1 is manufactured by using a high-performance chip ESP8285. This small chip is encapsulated an enhanced Tensilica’s L106 diamond series 32-bit kennel CPU with a SRAM…
Long distance transmission with ultra-low power
Support outboard antenna
Bearing high temperature to 125 ℃, compared to the 85℃ for ESP8266.”

Perhaps, in addition with cooking dinner it will made coffee lol :smile:

ha ha. good info! I’ve been using it and its been working great! better than the ESP8266-01S I think.

Cool, i’ll order it when my (old) ESP01 will be dead after many hard test with Cayenne use lol.
Have you program it with Arduino IDE like ESP01 without difficulty ?

Yea the Arduino IDE works perfect for programming it. You just need to add the ESP8266 boards to your prefs and select the right board your using. Here is the link you need to add to the “Additional Boards Manager URL” to get the ESP boards into the IDE.

yes i got it :wink:
i ask you because some people have difficult to program this ESP8285 ( include in the new ESP-1). with Arduino IDE.

weird, no I haven’t had any issues. If I remember correctly it took a little playing with the IDE upload settings. I did “Generic ESP8285 Module” and 1M(512spiffs) I think.

Yes , its the same for my old ESP-01 but “less power” : Flash size 512k(128k spiffs)

it’s is by all accounts diverse chip :

"The WiFi module ESP-1 is fabricated by utilizing a superior chip ESP8285. This little chip is exemplified an upgraded Tensilica’s L106 jewel arrangement 32-bit pet hotel CPU with a SRAM…

Long separation transmission with ultra-low power


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