MCP3008 / MCP3208 / MCP23S17 / SPI support for ESP8266 Esp12-e

These Esp surface mount WiFi modules

are just the ticket for IoT use.
They can be programmed in MicroPython
so surely they can be implemented into Cayenne.

C’mon, guys-
these little Esp thingies are the future of IoT-
“RasPi” devices are NOT the future of IoT, (I love RasPi, too ) (:slight_smile:
RasPi is an excellent development/learning/design/internet device.
It’s WAY overkill for “simple” IoT.
It is like using a sledge hammer as a fly swatter.

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I also agree the little ESP thingies are the future. Our highest priority device to provide support within Cayenne is the ESP family. Will be integrated similar to Arduino where we auto populate code etc. I’m not sure if we could provide support for the MCP chips like we do for the RPi though. Surely we could provide code needed to get those chips working though.

Have you gotten them working with ESP yet?


My programming skills are…
(but that’s not saying much).

Recovering from a total system crash.
My newest data backup is February 15, 2017.
Not good.
I lost a few PC boards.
Oh well. Redesign!

I gave @kreggly a PC board with an Esp12-e SMT and a MCP3208 DIP…and a voltage divider, -and GPIO-
I haven’t heard from him since.
He’s busy…i guess…

He can’t program a bare circuit board… it appears.



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about that shipping…
is the US at friggin’ WAR with Canada?
I mean- the shipping charges!
The customs inspections!
Drug sniffing doggies…

They got excited when I tried to send you the stuffed board.
customs asked me what it was-
I told them a remote control…
Customs asked if it could be used in a bomb-
I told them “Sure, it can!”
…looking back,. probably not the best response…
I had to keep everythnig in a flat pack.
hey, but I sent you several types!
SUPER easy to build, too.
Ask me anything.

-they want $60 to ship a small box.
Do you know of a…“better” way?