Esp8266 esp-12e


Are there plans of making any of the ESP8266 devices supported? I just ordered the ESP-12E and can’t wait to get some projects going.


I too am interested. I have had some good results with the basic ESP8266 module direct into micros and just a few lines of serial / AT commands. This example is why I am really keen to get the serial port working. In a way the ESP is a bit like a complete Pi+ Wifi solution. But also using serial I have the LoRaWAN modules already serially configured and ready and these work over a few wires to the Pi ttyAMA0. The performance of LoRa is ‘somewhat astounding’ compared to just a local wifi hot spot: I.e. penguin and wild life telemetry…

Enjoy the pics…

~ Andrew


Yes, we have plans for ESP8266! Probably not for some months though. We have some features that are ahead on our product roadmap, namely, Alerts & Triggers, Scheduling, History Graphs.


confirmed :slightly_smiling:


hello there!!because i m building a custom smart home build and Cayenne really made everything easy for me,i m wondering if we have any more infos about the esp8266 connection to the Cayenne…is there those plans on progress?
or its still ahead of us?really thanks for the GREAT work guys!!you are amazing!!


I have had a little play with the ESP and serial TTL interface on picaxe. They are a great simple way to demonstrate the simple IT Infrastructure and set up Station, AP and Access modes.

I would say that like picaxe you will just need two wires for power and two for serial data. BLISS as no level shifting or shuffling is needed.

Very simple to just fire a few AT serial sentences at it to scan for devices, join, log in and make uGadgets.

Or do some snooping…

This sort of thing is what I am hanging out for some sort of simple python link + some generic python devices into and out of TO:FROM Cayenne.

~ Andrew


i was thinking to use esp just to upload data from each sensor.lets say a pir sensor with an esp which will be running code like a webserver and upload the readings to Cayenne instead of having to connect each pir(or other sensor) to a digital pin of the arduino it can cover much more area.i might have sensors around the house,connected wirellesly to the Arduino and to Cayenne.I have previously achieved that by writing small parts of webserver code,but i couldnt collect all esp data to one area with triggering,events etc,like the great Cayenne…


Well I sure like the idea and opening up connections via the ESP means you could have ‘fly on the wall’ uPower remote devices that can feed data in one way or another. I would love to see at least the serial port turned on (as you can in WebIOPi) as I use this very simple method of monitoring stuff and ‘chatting’ to hardware at a very low level via a host of radio devices.
Onward I guesse and ‘watch these spaces’ :slight_smile:
~ Andrew


Yer killin’ me…

So- is there any devices that can address the ESP8266 family- particularly the Esp12-e . I had "other devices pairing earlier- but nothing quite right.

I’ve been doing…hundreds…of "uploads"
to the Esp12-e via ArduinoIDE.

I also have Notepad++ and PuTTy working- as alternative communication I/O. It would be great if Samba network file share worked on the Esp chip…


You have to download the board settings and use the esp-12e board. Here are instructions