New project Drag and drop devices


I am new to Cayenne and want to create a new project. I have my Pi3 connected and have a 8 channel relay module connected to the Pi and working ok.
When I try to add a relay to the project I do not get a list of devices to drag and drop from. Instead I go to a page which fills the screen and can select a relay from there.
When I add this it does not go on my new project but on my my Pi page.
I have watched the video several times and cannot see what I am doing wrong


Hello Sir,
There is a slight bug right now with Projects tab. You can follow this link to understand more about the bugs and the time they will be fixed:


Thank you for the quick response. Do you have a time when this will resolved or should I wait until next week.
I do have some work to do with my project which I can do off line.
I am 67 and retired so time is not so important


I believe that the old Projects that were made are still saved. I am not, sure but I think that new projects cannot be saved. Cayenne team works hard to fix this bug. Maybe a little waiting.

Thank you.


@johnlhwilliams we’re expecting a fix for the Projects tabs being missing either today or tomorrow. So not long at all!


Sounds very good @rsiegel :slight_smile:


Hello everybody, @bestes and @rsiegel I already can see my projects :slight_smile: They are back again! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Yup you’re on to us :wink:

The update is done, we’re just doing some final testing, then I’ll post a release notes thread on the forum.


Hah, I was the first one to see it. Cool! :smiley: Thank you once again. I will also test and notify the team if something weird is happen :slight_smile: Have a nice day. @johnlhwilliams Sir you can continue develop your project. The Cayenne team is awesome!