New! Release Notes 04/15/2016


Release Notes April 15, 2016

Agent version

New! Project Centric Dashboard

  • The first iteration of the new ‘Projects’ Cayenne dashboard was released today. You’ll notice a new device list on the left side of your web dashboard. More updates to come!


  • Cayenne will expand the SD card if not already expanded

  • Pi reboot will occur at the end of the Cayenne install, rather than in the middle

  • Cayenne can now be uninstalled from the SD card. To uninstall, click the red ‘Remove Device’ button in the ‘Configure’ section.

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If we already have it installed, how do we update?



It should auto update, mine did. Check your version by clicking on Configure, if you have Agent Version you should be good to go.



:thumbsup: got it.