New virtual sensor/device as generic MQTT

Hi developers,
I have number of sensors and actuators that use generic MQTT messaging with Mosquitto broker in Raspberry Pi. In this way any additional MQTT agent (on computer or on smartphone) can access the Mosquitto and see/change (subscribe/publish) the messages.

I’d like to use Cayenne for an access my MQTT network from the cloud:

Likely, I am not the first one who’s asking such bridging although I didn’t find clear evidence of the bridging ability in the forum and in the Docs. Please, point me if I missed “how to add Mosquitto virtual device to Cayenne”.

The Mosquitto<->Cayenne bridge allows using existing modules that people built to connect with Cayenne without changing the SW infrastructure of that modules.

I believe the Mosquitto<->Cayenne bridging will expose serious existing install base to Cayenne => more users, more chances for business.

Could you evaluate the effort to implementation of Mosquitto<->Cayenne bridge?

Thank you!

Yep, it was just released a few days ago :slight_smile:

Here are the docs

Hi Adam, thank you for the reply.

So step-by-step I am adding my own old MQTT-reporting sensor at this way:
Add new… → Device/Widget → Bring your own thing → This opens setting page:
MQTT USERNAME: bbd01d30-a741-11e6-acbd-c165103f15c2
MQTT PASSWORD: 800589c52fccef3abcd549a3ca383042f64e549d
CLIENT ID: 9a574150-a7ce-acbd-82ee-87310fcf8579

None of settings above can’t be changed.
This is followed by recommendations. This one is confusing:
Cayenne SDK is added to your tool chain/IDE

I thought the idea is being able to connect existing MQTT broker and use its topics.
For instance, myDevices recommended MQTTLens to watch/publish topics. This works awesome (just manually). I was under impression that Cayenne MQTT is similar to MQTTLens just automatic, with rules and dependencies.

What do i miss?

I made a post here that is similar to what you’re talking about (I think). If not let me know.

You can see a full list of the topics here

You will have to have a device subscribe to the settings you see displayed before you can see the dashboard for that device or add any widgets, though. If you’re still having problems getting data to the dashboard just post your script or code that sends the MQTT message and I’ll take a look.