Server down?

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Web and iOS

@bestes is the server down? All my widgets are gone on iOS and I cannot go to the web browser dashboard. Sign-in takes me to the app download page. Schedules and triggers are still there. The gpio field is blank and cannot connect to my Rpi away from my wifi, ie from my cell phone. Have not check on wifi tho.

Hi @wmontg5988,

Nothing unusual from our end. Very strange behavior you are experiencing. Does exiting / restarting the app do anything?

Are you able to sign-in and view any part of web dashboard?


My widgets have disappeared before and I had to start over especially after resetting dashboard from web. Text notifications quit 2 days ago. Saturday was the last time I checked status and appeared to be working fine. I will pm you credentials so you can look.

Got it, that would be very helpful, waiting for private message.