Nodemcu Relay

I need to control an 8-way relay module by Wifi. I’m going to flash my nodemcu with ArduinoIDE, but what code have i to upload? Is there a cayenne library?
Second question: I have to share the project to control the nodemcu from the phone to other people. Is there a way to share the project? And a way where other users can’t change the parameters of the project?
Third question, the last, I have to control the relays by IFTTT, with WebHooks. What URL i have to use? What method (PUT, GET, POST, …)? And what “Body”?
Thanks to everyone can help me
(It’s my first project, I’m not good at programming and so i need help)

Hi @finardialberto02, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

I would start by just getting your device added to Cayenne but adding it through Add New > Device/Widget > MicroControllers > Generic ESP8266, and following the steps to connect on that page. Once connected, you can create button widgets to control the relay via Add New > Device/Widget > Custom Widgets. If you set these widgets to the same channels as the pin numbers you have each relay wired to on the board, our example client should be able to send the widget button presses to the relay automatically. if you prefer to use different channels we can assist with a basic code format for that as well

Cayenne does have a new dashboard sharing feature with some basic permission settings, but this is web only at this time, we’ll be adding to mobile in the future.

IFTTT I’m not familiar with at the moment, perhaps someone else can chime in there. @hcortes could that be accomplished with the REST API?

My instructable links Siri, HomeKit, Homebridge and and ESP8266 to a relay and 110v power.

I know its not Cayenne related, but was authored before Cayenne was available. It is possible.