Non-intuitive navigation? Not a bug!

This is not a bug, as I am pretty sure it is working as intended, but still inspired a “why did it do THAT?” moment for me; on Android, going “back” from any detailed view on the dashboard returns to the dashboard (I click on the “RAM” gauge in the dashboard, am taken to “Memory Usage” detailed view, clicking “back” on the G5 returns me to the dashboard). This is as expected.

But: since the Dashboard, GPIO, Triggers & Alerts and Settings are all at the same level in the hierarchy, if from the dashboard (where I usually hang out), I navigate to the Triggers & Alerts tab and then click back on my G5…I go to the Device List instead of returning to the Dashboard, which, most of the time, is where I want (and expect) to go “back” to.

So, not a bug, and conceptually sound–but it might be worth considering making back work like a web-browser’s (relative) back and not a logical (absolute) back.

(Hope that makes sense)


This is great feedback, thank you. I’ll take this to the design team for discussion. Road map wise, we’ll likely work on the bigger bugs first, then move to a relatively smaller item such as this one.

Thanks for letting us know!


@apophene If I read correctly, would the following address your concern?

  • Tapping ‘back’ would take you back to the Overview screen
  • Unless you were already on the Overview screen, at which time it would then take you to the Device List screen

So to get back to the Device List from a different (non-Overview) screen you would either use the top-left icon, or you would tap Back a couple of times.

Yes; it seems to be behaving that way now! :slight_smile:

@bmeriwether @bestes

Is this the Overview screen? I just wrote a tutorial and called this the dashboard, I hope they’re synonymous.

Back to the subject at hand-
I would expect the back button to take me back one level. I have a feeling that the dashboard, GPIO, Triggers, and settings are all now considered the same level. In my mind the dashboard is superior to the others which is why I’m surprised when I hit back on the GPIO page and end up on the devices select page.

If we ever get to a common dashboard for multiple RPi’s the dashboard will even be superior to the devices select page (I think).


Yes, that’s correct. Sorry, Overview is the term we used to use. Dashboard is correct. When we allow multiple devices in the dashboard we will start calling them Projects. I’m currently working on those designs and adding Arduino support. Good stuff to look forward to!