Bug Filed on 04-06-2016: Toggling a trigger active/inactive state fails on Android

Samsung G5 running Android 5.1.1, RPi model B running Jessie

Turning on or off a trigger via the toggle switch in the list view on Android doesn’t work for me; the toggle flips on touch, then immediately flips back and I get an “updating rule, waiting…” message. So if it is off, it stays off; on it stays on.

If I toggle from the web view on my laptop, the toggle works on the trigger as expected, but the visual state doesn’t update on the phone until I leave and re-enter the trigger list view.

same with me and cannot delete a trigger, theres no option for delete…

For me, a “swipe left” on the toggle area presents a delete option…


maybe because I can´t toggle to off that option does not appear…

Thanks guys. I put this into our issue list to look at quickly for a fix.

@helder-rodrigues @apophene Can you confirm if this was resolved on your end?


No. It stays the same… It appears server error when I try to disable…

Hi @helder-rodrigues,

We’ve released many Android updates since this topic was created. If you could let us know if this is not fixed, thanks!