Non technical User Interface Option?

I am not sure who the application Cayenne is actually aimed at but it appears to be for more technical people than non-technical. I am technical and enjoy the Dashboard from a technical perspective with all its technical options. However its limiting and not practical from a user interface point of view for Non-technical people to operate. I would love to see for example a more updated look to the User interface that family members can use with ease. I can’t fit the dashboard comfortably on a tablet as there is no orientation and automatic screen re-sizing which becomes frustrating to use as one has to scroll up , down , left and right to find an icon. Keep the technical dashboard as is but can’t you add a “page 2” in the application which is the user interface output which offers a more “striking” look to it , and more modern looking icons on the screen for use with NON technical people with functions as an example just to switch a light on or off and no graphs and tech stats. If I saw Cayenne running on a tablet or some of the other home automation system with a great user interface from a looks and functionality point of view I would not take the device with Cayenne running. I run an android app called RPi automation and in its simple format is preferred by my family rather than Cayenne for home automation. I have attached a sample of what would look really appealing as a front end so you can get an idea of what I am saying but keeping the tech backend in place.
Maybe it will attract more people to have an interest in Cayenne rather than just technical people ?

I am with you on the UI situation.
I make and sell Pi home automation systems and i setup apache to a php with scripting to run python scripts and the php returns the status of the gpio as a green or red dot so the customers can tell if the relay is on or not.

the Cayenne mobile app wold be awesome if it had a “user” version and a “admin” version or an option on the webUI to turn the app to “user” mode.
Then I would probably use this for my devices and setup the customers accounts and scripts and such.
But the web menu to control the houses and greenhouses and such is fine and just takes a few minutes to code from my template to fit each persons needs.

check out “hot button premium”
it will let you run commands and ssh right to your Pi. you can make buttons give them icons and ssh then send a command with 1 tap.

Awesome! Looks simple clean yet effective. Great business to be in - I would love to find an automation company to hookup with!!! Nice Interface. The fact that you have the ability to run a python script behind your button is what I am looking for as I have custom scripts to run.