What can be done without the mobile app?


I am looking to setup a Pi to monitor the temperatures in and around my home. It appears that myDevices will make that happen. I have Android devices and I understand that the app will be out soon. Until then I can only view my device on a PC ? With the app will I be able to monitor the device as well as being able to change the settings? Where can I get more info on just what I will be able to do?



Exactly, everything you can do from your online dashboard, you can do from your app. Sounds like a cool project.

This video shows a quick overview of the iOS app, and the Android will be similar. Check it out:



I still am missing something here, this “Cayenne” is for us to develop the product. How and where do we create the “App” for the user? For instance I want to eventually control my heating system, doors, pool water heater, etc… I want my wife to be able to access the same “App” to see and make changes. Is it all done through the site we are developing on?


We are going to allow a public dashboard, meaning you can share the dashboard that you create with other users. However, this is not currently available. What you are trying to do is exactly what we want Cayenne to be able to do though! We’re coming out with lots of great features, and this is definitely on our roadmap.