Notification Events for a DS18B20


I’ve successfully installed 2x DS18b20 temperature sensors and I have them both aligned with a trigger to notify me via SMS when a threshold has been met. I would like to set up an event to FYI Notify me every hour of the current temperature readings but I am unable to find that simple task. When looking to schedule an event the sensors are not a valid device to select.

Any thoughts on how to get hourly FYI notifications of the then-current temps?
This is all on a Pi3

Thank you


Welcome to Cayenne!

Unfortunately that is not currently supported. I moved your post to ideas/suggestions.


Hi @ddoumani,

I really like this use case. Of course the current work around to what you are trying to accomplish would be to login / check the Cayenne dashboard every hour. But that would be a pain compared to getting a quick text message update.

I will put this on the roadmap as an improvement to the scheduling feature, thanks for submitting this Idea! It’s great.



that is great news, thank you very much. i’ll keep my eye out!