Event Confirmation


I have set up a project w/ temperature sensors that TXT when a specific threshold is met via trigger(s) - I am recommending a way to repeat the trigger event (TXT) until the event is acknowledged and also to have an escalation path in the even it remains unacknowledged. In other words, the trigger will send the TXT every 5 minutes until acknowledged and if unacknowledged within 30 mins, it goes to the next person…

Why this is important.

Assume we are monitoring a cooling unit with medical cultures in it, and the regulatory requirements are to keep the specimens between 32 and 37 F; falling outside of the range will issue a TXT that could be missed, or from an audit perspective doesn’t show an acknowledgement and then subsequent protocols that take place. If not acknowledged within X-time-frame could also begin escalation paths by TXTing next in line until the threshold trigger was acknowledged.

edit: to acknowledge the trigger it would be a return SMS (such as reply “OK” to acknowledge this event")


This is a great use case! Totally makes sense. Thank you for providing the thorough explanation, it makes our lives much easier in getting this feature spec’d out. Adding this to our roadmap, there are other features that we need to get out the door, but we will definitely plan to enable what you have described!