Number of decimals are different between Android UI and WEB UI

Hi, this is my device :

  • Device & model : ESP-01 (8266) with arduino IDE
  • Dashboard used : Web and Android
  • The bug / issue : the number of decimals are different between WEB UI and Android UI
  • The Arduino code is Cayenne.celsiusWrite(3, 22.0);

In WEB UI : i select “Number of decimals = 0” in Temperature Widget

The result in WEB UI : good ! web decimal 0

In Android UI : Number of decimals stay to 2 : not good !
andro 2 decimal

Why Android UI doesn’t change “Number of decimals” ?

For this one, it’s a design oversight/parity issue between our mobile and web platforms.

If you tap on the settings gear on the Android version of the widget, you’ll see that it doesn’t even have a ‘Number of Decimals’ setting option like the one on the web that you circled in your screenshot. So when you make the settings change on the web, the mobile app doesn’t have anywhere to store this setting and thus doesn’t keep the change. This missing field applies to iOS as well as Android.

I’ll get it logged for a fix in a future Android release with our development team, thank you for letting us know!