Difference between dashboard web vs android


I have noticed this difference between the web dashboard and Android. The appearance of the meters; the slider that shows values from 0 to 1 instead of 0-100.
In android dashboard is also impossible to set the minimum and maximum values in the gauge.
Is a limit of free account? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @milonemarcello,

The first issue (the slider showing from 0 to 1 instead of it’s custom range) looks to be a bug with the Android app. I’ll get it logged to get it fixed, but it looks like it can be worked around by editing the slider on the Android app, then ‘Enable Custom Range’. You’ll see that dialog has the correct 0-100 values in it, tapping ‘Save’ should then fix the widget on the Android side.

You should be able to set the min/max gauge values on the Android app by editing the widget and choosing ‘Enable Custom Breaks’.


From the beginning of using Cayenne, I modified the widgets in the Android App. The defaults are different than these on the Desktop.


I solved the problem by deleting the widget on both dashboards and recreating it on android first with range 0-100 and then when it appeared on the web (with 0-1 range) i have changed it !
Now is all ok :heart_eyes:


The problem is come back and i have changed ‘enable custom breaks’ to on and insert the limits but i don’t see ‘save’ option… :disappointed:



I think the reason you see no ‘Save’ option there is because the ‘Data’ dropdown isn’t set. If you set it to some value, ‘Save’ should appear. That said, I’m seeing an issue on my Android device where the widget is losing a previously set ‘Data’ option, so I think I do have a bug to log here. I don’t think it is related to the Custom Breaks.

In somewhat related news, we’re getting around to the work we’ve been planning for some time to improve mobile/dashboard sync – as you may have seen its a bit unreliable right now with regard to changes being made on Android reflecting on Web and vice versa. Do you have any interest in being a Beta tester for a pre-release mobile sync improvment when it is ready on a development server. If so, let me know. If anyone else is reading this, please PM me if you’d like to be part of that test.