Offline - normal dashboard vs MQTT

I have noticed that the normal dash on my Pi becomes unresponsive/offline but the MQTT dash still responds. This is happening on 2 of my Pis - they are both Raspi Model 3B - kernel 4.4. I am checking the Pis via a mobile network so internet connectivity is obviously available to see the MQTT dash update. Back on my local wifi, the normal dash still shows offline - I SSH in , run sudo service myDevices stop, start and the normal dash becomes available again. Any ideas?

Sounds like maybe the agent is locking up in some way if restarting the myDevices service is resolving the issue.

We do have a log at /var/log/myDevices.log – if you could send that the next time you see the issue, and point out (roughly) when you started noticing the failure, then I can look and see if anything sticks out there. You can attach it to an email to if it’s too big to post here – that email goes directly to me.

If it does turn out to be a bug in our agent software (it may well be, though I haven’t seen this specific situation too much), we’re very close (a week or two) from releasing what’s basically massive overhaul of the Pi agent software, so we probably won’t be patching the existing agent. In that case I’d be happy to share with you the new agent ahead of time so you have something to work with, and we can see if the rewrite resolves this issue for you as well.