Pi stops responding to dashboard?

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Every day or two the memory,cpu temp, and hd space flatlines but processes count shows a number. the temps freeze and i can’t get anything to trigger.
but, dashboard does not list the pi as off-line most times.
only some times.
i cannot ssh into the pi either however i can ping it.
I have to power down the rpi and power up in order to get it to respond again.

the bottom of the dashboard for the web interface shows last packet sent to be my current time.
It’s driving me crazy trying to figure this out.


It seems that your raspberry became unreachable? Do you use some heavy software?

The ‘last packet sent time’ is bugged right now (it will update on a browser refresh when your Pi is offline) so I wouldn’t rely on that for troubleshooting. We should have a fix out for it next week (currently sounds like Monday)
That same update next week should also have improvements for memory consumption and disk / performance issues do to runaway log files.

I’m not sure if any of those performance issues is the cause of this behavior you’ve described though. I wouldn’t think that even if our software was pegging the entire machine to 100% that this would block SSH. That behavior with the mem/CPU/etc widgets going to zero makes me think that whatever is blocking SSH is probably also blocking the Cayenne agent from communicating with our server.

A shot in the dark, but could you give your output from uname -a? I know the Cayenne agent has issues with the (still expirimental) 4.9 Linux Kernel – that output would allow us to see if you’ve gotten updated to that somehow.

“Linux raspberrypi 4.4.34-v7+ #930 SMP Wed Nov 23 15:20:41 GMT 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux”

while looking to the logs i noticed a flood of rsyslog errors.
did some googling and discovered rsyslog was trying to output to the xconsole which i’m not currently booting into.
apparently it fills up a buffer somewhere and causes a crash according to the interwebs.
i’ve turned that off in a config file.
if it fixes my issue i’ll post what i did.

Thanks, I’ll definitely be interested to hear if this helped. In related news, the performance issue fixes with the Pi agent should be pushed by the end of the day USA time today barring any last minute changes on our end. Keep an eye out for a new pinned Release Notes thread from me on the forum when that happens.

nope, roughly every 48 hrs the rpi crashes.
I’m tired of going through log files think i’ll grab a different SD card and give it a fresh install of jessie lite and see how that works for me.

Ok, hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be our software, was there anything else non-stock running on there?

In related news, the Pi Agent performance fixes (amongst many other bug fixes) are now live, so when you re-install, you should get the new agent as well.

i have no clue. lol.
syslog is flooded with invalid packet errors from my windows PC and i have no clue why.
Also it is flooded with these two lines after a reboot.
Apr 4 06:26:01 raspberrypi CRON[17878]: (root) CMD (/etc/myDevices/crontab.sh)
Apr 4 06:26:01 raspberrypi CRON[17874]: (CRON) info (No MTA installed, discarding output)

not sure if thats normal or not though.
cant hurt to just try a different sd card.
Not that hard to swap everything over to a new rpi.

Hi @nitrogenwidget,

I wanted to follow up on this and see where things stand, especially as we’ve made a few updates to the Cayenne Pi agent software since I last posted in this thread. Did a new SD card/install help the situation at all? Even if you didn’t get a chance to try that yet, I’d be interested in how things are on the existing install as that should have received our updated agent by now as well.

I did a fresh install on my rpi2 and it’s been solid since.
The triggers were a little sluggish or not working here and there after I enable/disable different triggers for temp ranges.
Would love a temp slider. hint hint.
but things work fine for the most part.


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Glad to hear that it’s behaving for the moment, at least.

How do you mean exactly by a temp slider? You want to see a slider as a sensor display, rather than an actuator? Or you have some sort of temperature control/actuator on your project that you want to use a slider to control?

Been pretty solid.

Temp control/actuator.
I have multiple triggers for temp ranges for my hot tub depending on outside temp and if my kids are in it or if i’m not using it.
If I want to change temps i have to disable the on/off triggers for say 100 degs and enable the triggers for 102 degree’s.
Not that difficult but having a slider on the dash board that allows me to set max temp would be just dandy.

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Hi There,

I seem to be having a similar issue.

Using an original Pi Model B with a fresh install if Jessie

I have been using it with seven 18B20 sensors to monitor water temperature in a home heating system. The Pi is wired into my home network. I am using an android phone with the app installed.

I notice that when I haven’t looked for a while, it is frozen. If I reboot the Pi using the app, I get accurate readings again. It seems to freeze quite quickly again as I have to reboot it even if I check on the same day.

how many amps is your power supply?
That many sensors will require more than a standard psu.

It is a 2A psu. I wasn’t aware that seven sensors would draw that much current. I don’t have anything bigger than 2A. Can you advise as to how big a supply is needed and can the Pi manage it also?

That should be enough power for a pi 1.
I had problems with a pi2 and a cheap 2a,
I’d check your cabling and connections.
are they soldered?

I have a Raspberry Pi3 with touch display and camera. I use 4 amps power supply! Otherwise the icon for not enough power is all the time on the desktop!

I also would like a slider on my desktop to use to set a temperature or brightness level with.