Pi 3 b showing as offline

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      raspberry pi 3 B Using web ,ios,and android
      using three supported sensors (temp 102,DS18b20,BMP 180,) 2 Channel relay and a led/ligt switch on dash.
      hi all since setting or trying to set some triggers my dash board has been off line
      the sensors still read and are working(showing rise/fall in temp),however the relay board switches on the dash will not operate i have now disabled all triggers
      and the only scheduled event is a weekly reboot.The triggers i was attempting to set were related to temp sensors going over a certain temp and for test purposes lighting led any help support or idears as th how i can get up and running would be great many thanks

Cayenne was having some issues around the time you posted. Is everything working now or are you still having the offline issue?

Hi Adam
after reading through other community members posts I tried sudo service myDevices stop/start this seem to get me back on line and all has been fine since
No sure if this is of my doing or your end many thanks foggie

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Keep us updated :slight_smile:

And please share your project with the rest of the community!