One wire probe problem

hi, but I explain why if arduino food with a 9v power supply everything ok, if you feed it at 12v or with USB power supply the probes continue to give continuous jolts of reading passing from the real temperature to -127 C, it happens with both arduino one with arduino 2

it is not the issue with power supply. -127 is for bad connection. Use this to find the address Arduino 1-Wire Address Finder and then use this code to read data Arduino 1-Wire Tutorial

no boys, maybe I did not explain myself. it’s a power problem … not changing anything, moving nothing by exchanging feeds gives me this problem. if I put the power supply 9v all perfect, if I put the wings from usb is a defect

were you able to get address of each sensor?


then add your address into this code Arduino 1-Wire Tutorial and upload. Dont add cayenne code.

es, it works. I repeat … feeding … if I change power source everything ok … was to share with you the fact … but I think I’m the only one to suffer from the problem

Thanks for pointing this out. i can now suggest user to change the power source if any one has same issue.