Online Meetup - 03/24/16 12pm - 1pm PDT


Hello Cayenne Community!

We’d like to get your feedback and let you provide input directly into the design / implementation of one of the features we’re working on: inserting custom code into Cayenne.

Date: 03/24/16

Time: 12pm - 1pm PDT

We’ll be showing some mock-ups of the feature, so having computer screen access is ideal, but if you can only voice call in, then no problem!

We’d also like to hear what you like about Cayenne, what you don’t like, and areas of improvement that the Cayenne team can work on as we continue to do new releases.

If you could please reply to this post so if you are able to attend. I’ll publish a more specific agenda as the date gets closer, as well as provide the meeting room itself. Thank you in advance for your time, I expect it to be a fun and engaging first meetup for Cayenne! …Maybe there will be t-shirts for all attendees of this first meetup?


Access to Customize Triggers or Run Python Scripts


Most keen to at least be able to listen in at least from where I am…
Are you taking questions prior (could save time to canvas ideas up front ?)
~ Andrew


Looking forward to it.


I’ll be available


I might be able to listen for a bit, but if it was an hour later I could participate.

DHT11, DHT22 Sensors

Good idea! Can you post them here?


Me too John, glad to have you.


Perhaps a few days before, I’ll send an email out to everyone who is attending and see if an hour later would work…no promises though :slight_smile: …good to know for next online meetup that 1pm works better for you.


Yep, 1PM your time is 4PM my time. I’m usually home by then.


I should be able to participate.


Good to see you John!


I will try my best to participante… I will try to escape from work :slight_smile:

Support for ESP8266

See how I go, as it will be 6AM and my beauty sleep is very important…LOL


I can send you a meeting invite titled “official business” if you’d like.

Controlling a floating point valve
Get sensor values in another app [workaround solution!]

lol. I’ll see if I can push the next meetup back one hour…I don’t want to be blamed for messing up anyone’s beauty sleep.


Suggest… with the pre- e-mail ask for 3x Ideas / 3x issues if that is not going to overload but it would give you a bit of an inside feel for whats hot and whats not etc…
~ Andrew

Any way to get a timed button?

Yes please count me in.


It’ll be 10 PM here, but I’ll try to join in too…

Adding Different Sensors

Interested in attending.