Win a Trip to Maker Faire 2016! [contest ended]


Hello Cayenne Community!

In honor of Pi Day (March 14th…3.14), we are sponsoring a Pi Day competition, in which the maker of the winning project will provided an all-expenses paid trip* to demonstrate their project in the Cayenne booth at Maker Faire San Francisco on May 21-22. To enter:

  1. Build a Raspberry Pi project using any variety of sensors, actuators, and extensions.

  2. Incorporate Cayenne features such as the customizable dashboard, scheduling, and triggers & alerts.

  3. Provide a 150-word description of how the project was made from start to finish.

  4. Provide a video or pictures of the completed project in use.

Submit your projects with Cayenne username to by April 28, 2016. Winners will be announced on May 2, 2016. Three runner-up presentations will also be selected to receive a Raspberry Pi3 and a year’s supply of cayenne pepper.

*For rules and regulations, go to the ‘Call for Projects Rules and Regulations’ post, here.

Cayenne growbox
Video of using Triggers to Alarm if high Temp and send notification
Cayenne Project Submission Contest Winner
Reed switch as input device on pi3 with cayenne
Home Automation Project
Duck Pond / Gazebo Project
Reed switch as input device on pi3 with cayenne
Consistency between default widgets for mobile and web
Automation for Domestic Hot Water Boiler, Heat Pump, Solar Collectors and multiple tanks (DWC and buffer)
Bug Filed on 03-30-2016: GPIO DO not toggling
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:hot_pepper: made me laugh :hot_pepper:

House automation

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You know Benny,

I think some of the things I’ve seen around here in the last couple of day’s would be great candidates for the contest. I think I’ll start calling folks out on their cool :hot_pepper: ideas…


Monitor Input? Change C to F?