Valley Hackathon team members needed!


MyDevices/Cayenne callout for a “Valley Hackathon” team.
I established a team called “IoT Creations”.

I will be providing the team with several custom PC board designs (all shown in Projects on the Cayenne community) for the competition, some SonOff devices, a couple RasPi Zeros and Pi-3, several ESP12-e units, RS232 FLASHING hardware for ESP8266 devices and power supplies for my team members to get creative with- as well as some ancillary devices, loads, lights, switches, boxes of electronics parts, routers and such…

Breakfast, lunch, and dinners are provided,
and as much MONSTER as you can drink…
(and, of course, COFFEE!)
as well as some special treats and swag items- is a 24-hour Hackathon,
January 20 @ 5:00 PM until January 21 @ 5:00 PM,
in Modesto, California, -with $5,000 in prize money!
This is a GOOGLE Development Group (GDG) event,
with 24 sponsors and venture capitol investors.

This will be my second year competing, -and it is a LOT of fun!

It would be awesome if I could get some MyDevices/Cayenne people to join the team. (I’m still fishing for one of those MyDevices /Cayenne tee shirts… 3XL. :wink: ) . All are invited to attend and compete.

Stanford University, Cal Poly, UCLA and MIT will be represented, -so “winning” may be a moot point. The Stanford team is pretty hot. I’m doing this competition for the pure joy of the competition. Winning would just be icing on the cake. I do not believe any of the other teams will be doing IoT projects. The teams tend to do webpages and apps.



This looks pretty cool! I’m a Cal Poly Alum myself :slight_smile:

Doubtful I can make it their in person, but I’d love to support your team from afar!

T-shirt should be sent shortly, we just got some news ones made.



Yeah- I thought you responded quickly. It’s a 6 hour drive from/to Santa Monica :wink: , I was hoping that perhaps the MyDevices group would…I dunno…get a plane ticket from your airport to Modesto. It cost something like $100 round trip to fly. I’m not allowed outside team members unless I can get 4 people to sign onto my team. It’s all good, though. I’m sure you have local GDG Hackathon events closer to where you live. There’s a LOT of Hackathons- Thanks for the thought, though.