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 First of all, congrats for the great idea and service! 

  I´d like to suggest an input for other systems, by a telnet, tcp or some way to achieve svr´s database. This could be very helpful to existing systems, already capable of TCP/IP transmitting, but older than Arduinos. I suggest plain text with token # and known fields, to a IP/port.

 The second suggestion is a PDF advanced manual for Cayenne library. Confess I´m pretty newby to C (I program in Assembly since 1986.....). The syntax of Cayenne commands could be very helpful, mainly for other sensors, configures as virtual pins:

Cayenne.virtualWrite(TEMP,25.5, TEMPERATURE, CELSIUS);

but what commands could be placed after Cayenne.________ ?

Best regards

Plinio Babo
São Paulo - Brazil


Hi Plinio and welcome to the Cayenne Community. Thank you for the kind words and feedback!.

As far as documentation for the Cayenne Library, start at this section of our Cayenne documentation. I’m going to investigate and see if we have anything more formalized at the moment.


Hi again. It looks like the rest of the documentation we have for the Cayenne Arduino Library is in the files themselves. You can find them on GitHub here: https://github.com/myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-Arduino-Library

Specifically the information you’re likely looking for is contained in this file which should show you the Cayenne.foo() functions and their parameters. There should be comments on each one making a brief explanation.

If you have any questions about a specific function, please feel free to ask!


Hy RSiegel,

    Thnak you very much. It helped!

    Have a nice weekend!