Password to unlock using keypad

Hi, Im new to programming and raspberry pi and i started to work on simple things like senors.
Now im stuck on how to use the keypad to unlock using a default password.

Please help me out with how to setup and program.

Thanks in Advance.


Welcome to the Cayenne community!

I’m not sure where you got stuck. Could you provide what you did to get to where you are?

It is also helpful to know what version of Pi you are using (A, B, B+, 2b, 3b, Zero), and what operating system is on your Pi (Wheezy, Jessie (full or lite)), and are you using an internet browser or an app (Android, iOS).

Have a great day,



I’m using raspberry B, Raspbian OS, and internet browser.
Actually,I was able to print the number which is pressed on the keypad.
Now I want to take input from the keypad as password and check whether the
entered password is matching with the default password set by me. I’m
using 3x4 keypad.
Could u please provide me with the python programme for above task.

Thanks in Advance.

Have a great day!


It really depends on your keypad. You can try this thread: 3x4 Matrix Keypad - Raspberry Pi Forums

Cayenne doesn’t support keypads yet so I would suggest asking this question over at the Raspberry Pi forums.